Justin Bieber Net Worth

Justin Bieber is one of the richest singers in the world, with one of the most explosive success stories in modern music.

Bieber was born on March 1, 1994, in London, Ontario. His parents never married, and his mother was underage when she gave birth, so Bieber’s maternal grandmother and step-grandfather helped raise him.

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Justin Bieber Net Worth

Growing up, he learned to play the piano, drums, guitar and trumpet.

He graduated from the St. Michael Catholic Secondary School in Stratford, Ontario, in 2012.

As of this writing, the music video for “Baby” has more than 2.1 billion views on YouTube. His music video for the song “Sorry” has more than 3 billion views. In total he has 50+ million subscribers on YouTube.

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Justin Bieber Net Worth

In August 2020, Justin paid $28.5 million for a new home in Beverly Hills. This new Beverly Hills home is located high up in the mountains of Beverly Hills, within an ultra-exclusive gated community called Beverly Park. Nearby neighbours include Denzel Washington, Eddie Murphy, Rod Stewart and Sylvester Stallone, to name a few. Two years prior to the Bieber purchase, the home was listed for $42 million. The estate covers 2.5-acres and has an 11,000 square-foot mansion.

Justin Bieber Net Worth

Justin Bieber Net Worth, Justin Bieber has a net worth of $285 million.

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